We make the current

energy transition ready

for the future.

XYZ Dynamics is a start-up with a clear vision to smoothen the energy transition in the automotive industry. That is rather important, because the energy transition is going slowly nowadays and the automotive vehicle industry is quite conservative. However, governments are pushing the industry to a sustainable direction, caused by several goals defined in the European climate agreement. For example, the current Dutch government has set the goal that all urban area logistics have to be fully electric from 2025 onward.

Urban area logistics is being executed by Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) that emit ten times more CO2, NOx and PM10 compared to passenger vehicles. Full electric LCVs are too expensive. Plus, their driving range is too low and due to the increase of weight by their batteries, the user will lose loading capacity.

According to the ACEA, the automotive industry cannot anticipate quickly on the need for a full electric or hybrid electric LCV and will be up and running on series production in 2027. This is why large fleet owners cannot continue performing their work anymore from 2025 onward as they will be banned from urban areas. Furthermore, the rest-value of these vehicles will depreciate too fast, because conventional LCVs cannot be used anymore.

In order to guarantee that large fleet-owners can perform their work in the future, XYZ Dynamics is developing the AxLectric; a modular driven axle to hybridize existing LCV. Next to that an intelligent energy management system is in its development phase. This will make sure that the vehicles will always drive fully electric when needed (e.g. in a zero-emission zone), without having to worry about the battery status.

Quality Over Quantity

Our key-values


We collaborate as a team to achieve better results and keep communication up.


We are disciplined in everything we do and strive for perfection.


We anticipate quickly on the environment we are in and we act accordingly.


We always look for new opportunities we can embrace and turn these into profitable goals.


We are creative and original in the way we think and solve challenges both on a technological and operational level.


We are honest and trustworthy in everything we do.
The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our Team Works Wonders

Dennis van den Brandt

Embedded Systems Engineer

Bjork van der Donk

Powertrain Engineer

Horst Fietje

Business Developer

Diego van der Horst


Rolf van Kemenade

Prototype Engineer

Alex Pap


Annekoos Schaap

Battery Engineer

Laurens Westerdijk


Thom Wijshoff

Drivetrain Engineer

Our Journey

XYZ Automotive started
XYZ Automotive partner URE
XYZ Dynamics - Diego, Laurens and Alex form the company
XYZ Dynamics - Enters Automotive Campus